Friday, June 10, 2016

Backing up Google Data from a Second Account

Google offers a service called Takeout as a way to make backups of all your Google data. It’s great that they offer this, but I think there could be a more secure way to secure all of your data and account.

Here’s my idea. Google should offer a secondary account as a failsafe comprised of a secondary email address and password with a duplicate of all of your data. The second account would be private, you and only you would only know of its existence and you would use a password that you had never used before and would never use again. In the event your main account is compromised, you would be able to log into your second account to use as your new account, or alternatively, regain access to the first account from the second account.

Although this isn’t an available option, there are a few methods I’ve found to provide the same  redundancy for most data as that idea. Create a second private account, and choose to share all folders in Google Drive with that account with full ownership. And of course, set up your second private Gmail to have all mail from your main account forwarded to it, creating a safe cloud storage option.

I find it hard to believe anyone could access my account with two-step verification, but they say it’s not a matter of if you get hacked, it’s when you get hacked.