Thursday, August 11, 2016

I recently got hired at New Era Computers. My interview for the job consisted of me clean installing Windows 10 on machines that previously held Linux OS's. I had manually cleaned and reformatted the disks using the command line DiskPart utility.

During the first week I started cleaning up computers with utilities such as CCleaner, Microsoft Security Essentials, TDSSKiller, ADWCleaner and MalwareBytes. I spent time removing adware and bad Chrome extensions, installing drivers on new computers, setting up printers, and troubleshooting basic software problems clients had. I also created a network share from Windows XP to Windows 10 for one client. The biggest refresher that week was how easy malware can spread...

So far in this second week I have learned how to use and customize Tronscript to automate a lot of the PC cleanup process and made a backup with a Seagate External drive for the first time. I've started researching how to use Clonezilla to make and restore images as well.